A Course In Miracles Videos with David Hoffmeister

  • July 2, 2023

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that miracles should be involuntary and that they shouldn’t be under conscious control. (T-1.I.5) Whenever we find ourselves being happy for no earthly reason, or we have been in a flow, that is the miracle! You can yield into it, but you cannot control it.

All that people are asked to do, is to ask Jesus, ?How can you have me serve? What can you have me do?? Jesus is capable of doing miracles indiscriminately because he knows where in the program of Awakening our strengths would be most helpful. He has the bird?s-eye view, the Spirit?s-eye view, of everything.

The doer wants everything to be under conscious control. Its focus is definitely on the form rather than the mind. Yet, miracles are completely involuntary. Hearing and following the guidance of the Spirit atlanta divorce attorneys moment is the most important thing that we can focus our attention on. We all have this capacity, because most of us have the connection, or that link, with the Spirit within us.

David Hoffmeister - ACIM – Foundation for Awakening Mind

It does not matter what your history is, because where this is leading, is way beyond the perception of a ?normal life? to a thing that is most extraordinary, most exquisite, and unspeakable!

Now you can really start and think, What would it be like to view the days unfold without the sense of directing or planning anything? What would it be like if I were not trying to plan my life predicated on past learning, programming, and conditioning?

Ahead into this beautiful experience implies that you have to come into ?the zone? with the Course?to go so deep and become so devoted with the practice that, as being a pianist or violinist, you are not thinking if you are out ?on the stage.? acim are being used being an instrument. You’re simply in the zone.

Being in the zone means that you are being done through, sung through, smiled through. It really is an involuntary flow and movement if you are aligned with the Spirit. You will have an experience that may end your doubting, an experience of supreme joy!

How Spontaneous Do you want to Be?

We have to start to realize that our thoughts are causative and only our thoughts. There are no causes and effects on the globe. When you arrived at the realization that you will be free, you are no more at the mercy of the world. Then you can have a good smile on your face; you see a beautiful unified picture.

Everything was always in the divine flow, the flow was all that there was?this beautiful, abstract flow. It really is safe to let go. Your life does not fall apart; your mind integrates and recognizes itself.